About Us

Our Strategy

At TGA Legal, we take on challenges with resilience, while demonstrating adaptability and creativity in problem solving. We strive to have patience and a clear vision, valuing relationships, and understanding the significance of teamwork and leadership in achieving success as a whole. Our resilience and perseverance showcase the value of tenacity in the face of adversity.

Our Strategy

In the dynamic and intricate legal landscape, strategy isn't just a tool; it's the compass guiding our firm's trajectory. It encapsulates our firm's vision, direction, and blueprint for achieving our objectives. Strategic thinking in law involves anticipating shifts in the legal environment, identifying opportunities, and mitigating risks to best serve our clients' needs. Strategic thinking allows us to remain agile, adaptable, and consistently deliver exceptional legal services in a rapidly evolving legal arena. It allows our team to approach cases with foresight, tailor their approaches to individual client needs, and innovate within the law.

Our People

Our culture and backgrounds offer us numerous lessons that form the bedrock of our values. Focusing on people within our firm elevates our ethos beyond legal expertise; cultivating trust, empathy, and understanding. We focus on not only supporting our colleagues, but also fostering an inclusive environment. Our people- focused approach not only benefits individuals but also elevates our service quality, strengthens professional bonds, and shapes our firm’s practice and commitment for a productive and happy environment.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is crucial element for trust, reliability and success. It provides our clients with assurance through legal matters and ensures competence in delivering objectives. Twenty years of experience fosters a culture of proficiency, allowing us to navigate nuances, anticipate potential hurdles, and offer innovative approaches in all our areas of practice. We have plead and represent our clients before Superior and Appellate Courts, as well as administrative tribunals and Arbitration Boards. Ultimately, expertise is not just about knowledge, but the ability to apply it effectively, consistently achieving favorable outcomes while upholding justice principles.

Our Commitment

We enjoy the practice of law and practice as a team because we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our focus is to build strong relationships with our clients and among ourselves based on trust, openness, integrity and mutual respect. We foster effectiveness in problem solving, a culture of respect and collaboration, an ethical and collegial practice of law and serve the interests of justice.

Our Story

What has brought us together to practice?

A cohesive and committed team.

The members of our team are passionate advocates whom were brought together due to their adaptability and quick-witted problem-solving abilities. Our ability to appreciate each other, patience and perseverance underscore our effectiveness and collaborative effort in providing exemplary work and attaining our professional objectives.

Looking forward to working with you!